10 Reasons why Secretary is better than 50 Shades

It’s been a bestseller and now a – I’m suspecting – very attended film. I loved Jamie Dornan in The Fall, but I’ve not yet seen any reason to go and see 50 Shades… The missus hasn’t asked as yet (mind you she was critical of the quality of writing in the novel).

It started life as fan fiction for Twilight and developed into a multimillion dollar sensation. Secretary on the other hand had a quieter run a over a decade ago (2002), featuring James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Wanting 10 reasons why it’s better than 50 Shades, well here you go (via Sundance.tv)… http://www.sundance.tv/blog/2014/07/top-ten-reasons-secretary-beat-50-shades-of-grey


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