Scriptwriting doesn’t do itself

That’s what I’ve been telling myself over the last couple of weeks… But the part of my brain that needs to work on it has been on a work-to-rule.

I have a play script that a director has asked me to re-work as a feature. Great. I mapped out key beats and realised that there was some bits to add as the play wasn’t 100% done anyway. This should be a breeze. But life and other bits have got in the way. Plus the fact that my subconscious has been feverishly working away on other tasks and schemes that I can get involved in to stop me from getting the work done.

I’m angry with myself, my better half would suggest that this is just laziness – she’s probably right. But it’s not that I don’t want to do it – it’s that I need to be in a particular frame of mind to maximise what I can do with the work. I feel it has the potential to be a good film, but – likely – I’m nervous about making that first incision.

So, the plan… Set a bit of time aside. Maybe an hour and begin. One hour only and then schedule time after that daily and stick to it… That’s the bargain.